Saturday Review: Phat Fiber Box Part 2

I was lucky enough to receive 2 yarn samples from Northern Lights Fiber Co. The colorways are gorgeous, the samples were plentiful, and the yarn is lovely. A new favorite etsy store for me (I really have to stop adding these.) Check it out for yourself at
The stitch markers I got from are the cutest things ever, and believe me I didn’t think sharks could be cute. Best of all they work wonderfully for both knitting and crochet.

I got a packet of sweet smelling bath salts from but I was upset to see that her store does not have any more for sale, well, maybe she ran out all ready. I’ll keep you updated. sent me a sample of wool/alpaca blend in a turquoise fingering weight, its so soft, and I hadn’t known it was recycled until I read the tag, heck, I only discovered recycled yarn a day or so ago.

I got a mohair/BFL blend yarn sample from http://giffordables.etsy.comthe store has some beautiful drop spindles, and stuff to spin as well as some lovely handspun. has some lovely handspun, (a part of which they sent me as a sample), some destash yarn and adorable handknits.

http://holidayyarns.comhas lovely Sock yarn as well as astonishingly beautiful patterns from the Tsock Tsarina. has beautiful hand dyed roving and silk hankies (I am told that these can be either spun or just knit) and some great sock yarns.

I am a big fan of the yarn I got from http://kaitsh.etsy.comand I see that they aslo sell crochet/knit stitch markers and handcarved stamps.

I got a cute lace weight yarn sample from I like that the profits from this store cover the costs of delivering the afghans created year-round for donation to the Victory Junction Gang Camp.


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2 Responses to “Saturday Review: Phat Fiber Box Part 2”

  1. Maven Says:

    Everything on PhatFiber looks so wonderful! Enjoy it all!

  2. vickie Says:

    hi there I saw that you were upset about me not having any more sweet orange bath salts. I apologize for that. I came down with the stomach flu shortly after the pf box dropped and was not feeling well. I am going to be posting the sweet orange bath salts later on today if you are interested.

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