Monday Morning Magazine Reviews 2

This morning I’ll be reviewing Creative Knitting July 2009 and Crochet Today! July/August 2009

One thing I love about both of these magazines is that they have convenient little pages at the end of the magazine showing all the patterns inside. Very useful.


The Creative Knitting Patterns go as follows:

Women’s: 10 pullover tops, 5 cardigans, 1 vest, 1 skirt and 1 pair of socks

Accessories: 1 shawl, and 2 bags

Kid’s: 1 skirt, 2 cardigans

Home: 1 baby blanket, 1 afghan, 2 dining sets (placemats and glass cozies/ placemats and towels)

Also in this magazine is a quick article called crocheting for knitters. It does give some cute edgings to use, but you will have to check out pg 76 for the real “how to crochet” tutorial. Still have questions? Ask me!!

Rating:4-BOYThe patterns were cute and chic, and the aticle was informative.


In Crochet Today! the patterns are:

Women’s: 1 shirt, 2 vests, 1 skirt

Acessories: 1 bag, 1 shawl

Kids: 1 bathrobe, 1 dress, 1 hat

Home: 1 (I kid you not!) crab floor cushion, 1 doily afghan (really cute, actually), 2 other afghans, 2 sets of pillows, 2 baby blankets, 1 watermelon blanket

Other?: 1 set of crocheted flowers, 1 stuffed fish, and 1 bunch of doilies meant to be sewn on to a table cloth.

Articles? Yeah, they were there, but nothing seemed “oh, I should mention that in my blog” worthy.

Rating:3-BOYThe selection for summer was kind of lack luster. I was really hoping for some more cute lacy tops. (you know, the ones that barely cover you, or that you have to wear something under?) But hey, what was there was fun and cute.

I do have a beef to pick with Crochet Today! though; I know Red Heart is a major sponsor of theirs, but the fact that every pattern in the magazine is made with Red Heart yarn and says so is a big  reason why a lot of knitters think that cheap yarns=crochet yarns. I say we get more quality yarn into our crochet magazines!!

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