Sunday Morning Confessions

Good morning! I’m a little loopy this morning so please forgive me if I ramble. (I have not yet finished the coffee, so things could get dangerous)

My friend told me I should seek a 12 step program for yarn addiction, but I told her that on the contrary I go to weekly meetings where, my fellow yarn junkies and myself  get together, share the trials and tribulations of our addiction, and tempt each other into buying more.

I was amused a couple of days ago when I was lamenting over not having a project while waiting in line at the bank; however, when I fished out my wallet, it was tangled up in the remains of some sock yarn and when I opened the wallet up, lo and behold; a set of double pointed needles. If only I had made the find sooner.

I knew I was getting bad the other day when, while surfing the ‘net I spotted an ad for Webs and could recognize the yarn on the ad. There was no label, no markings what so ever, but it was Malabrigo sock yarn…

Now to stray completely from the subject, I would like to inform everyone that this Thursday’s pattern is ahead of schedule. It’s a crochet pattern, as I’m trying to alternate the weeks. I created this pattern because my sister, who is still in high school, is selling her artwork at the local arts festival. (Are you impressed, I’m impressed.) So, when she asked me last night if I could make her a pouch to hold her money in, I grabbed the nearest hook and some yarn. The resultant pouch came out very cute, and very versatile. So this Thursday expect a pattern with many variations.

I’m going to have to go now. The coffee is calling me, and it’s beginning to get mean….

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