Saturday Review, Some yarn, a needle case and 2 bags

This week I received two amazing shipments. The first one I got was from Knit it up – the sock yarn I got at 20% off and the free sock sack.

yan and bag

(click to enlarge) The yarn is 80% bamboo and 20% superwash merino; so it’s super soft, and I can’t wait to make a pair of summer socks. Normally I like to give things away, but these socks are mine. The bag is very cute, I love the little logo, and I love bags of any shape and size so I really couldn’t be disappointed there.

Oh and:5-BOYNo way could I give this yarn and bag (for less than $20 with shipping!) less than a perfect score

Speaking of bags, that leads me to my next shipment. A beautiful bag and matching needle case handmade for me by Jenn at ‘Ask a Vet Student’

bag and caseThe case doesn’t stick out the top, I just posed it so that you could see how it matched.

The bag is a wonderful solid design with pockets (did I mention that I like pockets?) and speaking of pockets….

case 1Look at all the pockets. I didn’t have time to put all of my tools and notions in here, but these are my most used bunch.  Now when I go to Thursday night knitting I can say “oh, you need a tape measure? Here you go. A stitch marker? Use mine!”

Umm… I may have foisted a couple of unwanted stitch markers on people, I didn’t mean to, Iwas just so happy to be prepared!

The rating: 5-BOY This bag set was custom made and reached me less than a week from the day I ordered it. Beauty, practicality and speed, you can’t argue with that combination.


One Response to “Saturday Review, Some yarn, a needle case and 2 bags”

  1. ~Jenn Says:

    I’m so glad you like your bag and case! It’s pretty decadent with that microsuede fabric, and it looks great with all of your things in it!!!

    That bag and case can be made in any kind of fabric and combination, come on over to the shop and put in an order like hookandneedlegirl did, and you’ll love your bag, too!

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