Fiber Artist Friday: Doris Chan

DORISThis morning’s Fabulous Fiber Artist is Crochet Designer Doris Chan. She has become a crochet celebrity rather recently, with her first big break in 2002, a pattern featured on the Lion Brand Yarn site. (I know, 7 years ago, but in my book anything after the millennium= recent)

Doris released her first book in 2006, Amazing Crochet Lace which features, as the title suggests, crochet lace, however, as opposed to usual lace, this is done using worsted weight yarns and big hooks.

Her designs are all cleverly designed, because as she said in one interview, “not only do I not like to do small crochet, I also don’t like to sew.” Most of her patterns are either entirely without seams, or have only small bits of sewing needed.

So, if you crochet, I suggest checking out her blog and maybe one of her free patterns.


Avalon pullover anyone? (click the photo to see the free pattern posted on

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