Web of Yarn Late Edition: Ravelry.com

Okay, so most of you are on ravelry, know who Bob is and probably own a t-shirt. However, as I have recently discovered that only 30% of North American Knitters are on ravelry, it stands to reason that there may be some people out there that are put off by the need to ‘request an invitation’ before signing up.

Let me tell you, Ravelry Rocks!

Even if you leave out the community portion of it, it has so many useful little pieces I would have signed up for that alone.

There’s the pattern search:

ravelry patterns

Where you can search by craft (knitting/crochet) category, even put in what yarn you have and how much and get a pattern that way. Yes, that is an actual screen shot of the pattern page and if you click you can see the 6 most popular patterns on Ravelry.


This is your notebook where you can keep track of, well, everything listed there.

rav yarn page

This, my friends is the yarn page, a treasure trove if you are a compulsive yarn shopper like myself. Here you can look for different yarns, by weight, brand or fiber and get some reviews before you take a chance.

Oh, and the forums! There’s always someting great going on in the forums. It’s my home away from home (or while still at home, as the case may be….)

Okay, enough with my ten cent tour, go check it out for yourself. Yeah, yeah, what if you’re already a raveler? Go check it out! Seriously, there’s always something new going on…. and hey, I’m there too! HookandNeedleGirl (what else did you expect) come say hi!


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