Monday Morning Mag Review: Interweave Knits & Crochet

Okay, welcome welcome welcome to another wonderful Monday and the Morning Magazine Review.

I know, I probably should have come up with something a bit more fun, and maybe a little less alliterative, but I’m not at my best on Mondays.

Today’s subjects are from Interweave Press: Knits Summer 2009 and Crochet Spring 2009 (I have no idea why the Summer isn’t out yet, maybe because crochet tends to be a wee bit quicker to work up?)


Crochet advertises on it cover ’20 fresh designs’ so here’s a quick rundown of what’s to be found:

In women’s: 4 women’s tops, one cute skirt, a pair of heavy looking socks, and a pretty lace collar that, while very nice I would never use, one very pretty lace scarf I would use,  an Audrey Hepburn inspired hat that would make a fabulous beach accessory, 2 motif cardigans, a capelet, and a shrug.

In babies: 2 cute bib desings, a hoodie thats so cute I’m trying to find a baby to make it for, and a crochet cabled celtic blanket (say that 5 times fast) as far as I’m concerned these are the best patterns in the magazine, and I don’t have a little one to make them for.

In household: one tote bag, one market bag that is lovely but made of single crochet and huge, so I hope you have time to finish it, and one star shaped tunisian stitch throw.

That makes 20 patterns in all, and though I am kind of upset that the ones I liked the most certainly wouldn’t do me any good, there is a fairly good selection.

My favorite part of this magazine however, had little to do with the patterns, I found two fabulous articles and one fun lesson.

The fun lesson: Linked-double crochet. Did you know that there was a way to keep from having those holes that happen when you dc? There is now, and it makes a lovely hole-less drapey fabric. Hmmm…I see a new design coming.

The two articles: One was on crochet lace and the other on the origin of crochet, both of them were fascinating (though I still want the pattern for the Lace Figure #4 grrr…) and I learned quite a lot from them.

Rating:4-BOYBetween the articles and the patterns I think most crocheters can find something they will truly enjoy. I do have a bone to pick about the lack of patterns for guys….




Knits advertises ’24 sunny knits’ and I have to say that this is a bit of false advertising because this magazine has only 20 patterns in it, the last 4 you have to go online to get. I have no problem with that, but I do think they should make it a bit more clear.

The pattern rundown is as follows:

Womens: 10 tops, one of which is a motif top (kind of faux-crochet) and it is a sad thing, but I actually like this tip better than a lot of the crochet tops I’ve seen (I do think this style would look better crocheted though), two short sleeved cardigans and one wrap vest, an old-fashioned-looking dress, 2 skirts one lacy, one pleated-looking, one lace cap, and one floaty lace scarf

In household: One table runner, and one felted totebag

This is not counting the 4 online patterns, which are available whether you get the magazine or not they are: a baby sweater, a baby bonnet,a lace sachet,and a sachet style purse.

So besides the online selection there was nothing baby oriented, but again, I am more upset about the slim selection of guy oriented projects (you couldn’t find one?) Obviously the designers are not up to par on guy designs and we’ll have to work harder.

Despite what wasn’t there, I was floored by what was there, I can get picky with tops all I want, but there wasn’t one I wouldn’t make and gladly wear. I am even thinking of taking the top part of the ‘Great Gatsby Dress’ and making a tank top out of it. I am truly impressed by all the designers here.

The fun lesson in this one is How to make Jogless Stripes, it gives multiples methods of doing this, and I will definitely use this the next time I am striping in the round.

As for articles, though there was nothing bad, as I sit here, nothing comes to mind for me to mention, the patterns in this issue far outstrip the articles.

The rating:5-BOY I was considering taking points away for the lack of selection (would you like to make a women’s top, or a women’s top?) but I couldn’t stop gaping at the patterns long enough to make myself do it.


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