Sunday Morning Confessions

Hello everyone! When I was planning out the super-duper-every 12 hours schedule for my blog I knew that at least once a week I needed to say my piece instead of dropping some yarn-related fun here for public consumption. What better time than Sunday morning? I mean really….

Anyways, dear captive audience here is what I am working on as of right now:

1.) The pattern of the week. (Its knit) and a scarf, my first knit scarf attempt. Does it say something about me that I’ve knit socks and not scarves? Nothing good I’m sure.

2.)My crochet pattern for next week. I’m not quite sure what it will be, but I have a feeling it will involve motifs.

3.)Doll clothes (yeah, you heard me right, doll clothes) I have a friend who has ‘asian ball-jointed dolls.’  They’re collectible, so I am making one of the little ones a jumper with lace-weight bamboo yarn on quadruple zero needles. Crazy doesn’t begin to describe it, but it’s fun!

4.)An undisclosable pair of socks, I’m thinking of submitting them for publication so I can’t tell you anything about them, as a matter of fact I shouldn’t een be writing this shhhh….

I have a couple more socks in the works, one knit and one crochet but I have put them on temporary hiatus so I can get my other stuff finished.

Speaking of finishing things and making way for the new, I am waiting for Bamboozled sock yarn that I ordered from Kate at Knit it up! during her birthday sale. I thought it would come today (or so the tracking number led me to believe) but when I called the Post Office they said it would be here Monday. So now, I am actually looking forward to Monday!

I had a wonderful conversation with Jen from Ask a vet student shop on Etsy. She is making me a purse and matching all-purpose knitting case. As I am almost as addicted to bags as I am to yarn, I can’t wait, especially to bring it to Thursday night knitting.

She even sent me photos:

So… what am I doing while I wait for these fabulous items? Besides knitting and crocheting my little heart out, I have a concert! Oh yes, I am going to be seeing Nine Inch Nails in concert! At Jones Beach! (sorry about the excessive exclamations but Nine Inch Nails!)

The only downside is that with all my other projects I haven’t had time to create a Nine Inch Nails shirt. I had wonderful images in my head of a colorwork tank with the NIN logo on the front. How cool would it be if asked “where did you get that?” to be able to say “I knit it” at a rock concert??

I’ll stop gushing now, I promise, I just had to share the joy.

Have a fabulous Sunday!


2 Responses to “Sunday Morning Confessions”

  1. dana farmer Says:

    You mentioned Wool in the Woods Cameo on your site. I am desperately looking for one skein of Cameo Rainforest (color) to finish a project. Do you have any you want to destash?

    • H&N Girl Says:

      I am sorry, the color I have on hand is ‘natural’, but I will check at the LYS I got the yarn from, and if they have it, I’d be happy to send it on to you!

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