Fabulous Fiber Artist: Sally Melville

The second Friday Fabulous Fiber Artist is Sally Melville, a knitwear designer, teacher, and author.

Sally will be spending June 11-20 Columbus OH (when she’s not bunking with other fabulous fiber artists) doing workshops at  Knitters Connection. If you’re in the area, you might want to look her up. (Sadly I’m too far away)


She has just come out with Mother-Daughter Knits; written, of course, along side her daughter. In this book she takes a serious look at how to make a pattern fit and really flatter the wearer, rather than falling short of the mark. Its a great resource for any garment creator who wonders why the finished product is not quite what he/she planned.

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One Response to “Fabulous Fiber Artist: Sally Melville”

  1. Robin Marie Says:

    Hi! I’m responding to your comment on my blog post regarding my giveaway/contest/lottery/free-for-all! (http://robinmsills.blogspot.com/2009/06/its-giveaway-of-sorts.html) I would be flattered if you included it, though I realize that I am late in responding!

    As for this book, it looks fabulous! I’ll be checking it out!

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