Birthday bash at Knit it up!

Kate (otherwise known as owner of is having her birthday today!

In honor of such a momentus event she is giving everyone a one day pass to 20% off! How sweet is that??

Please, remember your manners and wish her a happy birthday in the comments box and you might just get a (not so) little something extra: an exclusive Knit it up Sock Sack! I am very excited about both my sock yarn and the acommpanyign sack.

Just go here to check out the cool sale!

One Response to “Birthday bash at Knit it up!”

  1. Donna Stypczynski Says:

    Saw this on Ravelry. (greyhoundsknit) I like the site but on the first few pages I explored the side bar was not coming up with print. The shaded area was there but no print. Would like a vest pattern for XL to plus sizes. I have not made a sweater or vest for myself yet and would like an easy yet interesting pattern to attempt a vest before I try a sweater.

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