Review: Malabrigo Sock Yarn and Araucania Itata Multi

I am working on a scarf now that has both these yarns in it. They work together very well, but this also gives me fodder for some great comparisons.

Here’s the basic breakdown:


Malabrigo Sock Yarn





Colorway: Abril

Content:%100 Superwash Merino

Care: Handwash (superwash huh?)

100g/ 440yds

Gauge: 8sts=1″ on US 1-3 needles/on 2.25-3.5 mm hooki


Araucania Itata Multi






Colorway: 1003 (Pink, Coral, Purple)

Content: 70% Superwash wool, 15% Bamboo, 15% Silk

Care: Machine Wash Gentle Cold, Dry Flat

100g/430 yds

Gauge 6.5 sts=1″ on US 2-3 needles /on 2.5-3.5 mm hook


First, here’s the story:

These yarns are working out great on my design-in-progress that I’m currently calling my “Dusk ‘Til Dawn Scarf”

The name announced itself from the colors. I originally had intended to make a pair of socks with the Malabrigo Abril, but I quickly discovered that making the Pomatomus in a dark color when I have only made a few pairs of socks was a bit too frustrating for me. The idea of a lacy, sock weight scarf was born.

Now spring is here and I didn’t want a scarf in just dark purple so I went to my LYS (Local Yarn Shop) The Village Knitter and went looking for a complimentary yarn. I was thinking of getting something silvery and calling the project “Purple Dusk Scarf” because that is what the Abril  reminded me of.

Lo and behold, I come across the Araucania Itata Multi (yeah, say that three times fast). The colorway, for some strange reason, triggered a quote in my head from The Odyssey when Homer mentioned “rosy-fingered dawn.” Of course this is obviously due to a defect in my brain because the last time I read that book was in middle school English.

Nevertheless my brain connected ‘Purple Dusk Scarf’ and “rosy-fingered dawn” and came up with “Dusk ‘Til Dawn Scarf.”  So…. I esentially went from a greed epic to a Quentin Tarantino movie. I told you my brain had a defect. 😉 I’m still working on the scarf, I think I have the lace pattern worked out, but I won’t be sure until I’m a little farther along then I am now.

Second of all, the comparison and review:

One of the things that surprised me is the Araucania is less soft than you would imagine with 15% respectively silk and bamboo, but the pure Merino Malabrigo definitely wins on softness. That is not to say that Araucania is rough, and I probably wouldn’t notice if it wasn’t stripe for stripe with the Malabrigo. (Hand) washing softens both yarns but the Malabrigo remains the softer.

I love the sheen on the Araucania, obviously from the silk and Bamboo elements. I am really fond of the contrast of the Araucania reflecting the light while the dark Malabrigo seems to swallow it.

The Malabrigo is stretchier than the Araucania, though they both have enough stretch for (in my humble opinion) a moderately close fit garment.

Something else that you may see from the gauge listed; the Araucania is remarkably light weight, almost lace weight, the Malabrigo is exactly what I would consider light-fingering.

The last point of note is that the Araucania is a bit splitty, at least with my aluminum Boye #7 knitting needles.


Malabrigo Sock Yarn:5-BOY


Araucania Itata Multi:4-BOY


In conclusion: would I buy the yarns again? Yes! I already have, as a matter of fact, I plan to make a crochet version of the Dusk ‘Til Dawn scarf as soon as I am done with the knit one.

FYI: It’s a sock weight scarf, I am not expecting to be done with it terribly soon, probably be posting the pattern end of June.


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