Fabulous Fiber Artists Fridays

Fabulous Fiber Artist: Elizabeth Zimmermanez

Nickname: EZ

Important Dates: (August 9, 1910–November 30, 1999)

Craft(s): Knitting

Famous Accomplishments: Making creative and inventive knitting patterns, advocating knitting in the round and continental knitting.

Credited with first “Aran Sweater”

Designed the “Baby Surprise Jacket” (see below)which was adapted into the “February Lady’s Sweater” later on.


Thank you Knitting-gnome for the pic.

Lesser Known Accomplishments:Founded a series of Knitting camps. Mother of Meg Swanson, a Fabulous Fiber Artist in her own right


Knitting Without Tears
Knitters Almanac
Knitting Workshop
Knitting Around
The Opinionated Knitter:
Elizabeth Zimmerman 1958-1968 (published post-mortem)

Fun Fact:Designed (allegedly- this was contested some places) the I-cord which, by the way, stands for idiot cord. I just found that out.

One Response to “Fabulous Fiber Artists Fridays”

  1. ~Jenn Says:

    Thank you so much for linking to my contest! Please, everyone, come and give me 3 suggestions for the perfect knitting bag, and you could win one!!!

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