Website of the Week: What not to Crochet

I love this site! Every time I visit What not to Crochet I get a good laugh, though to echo some of the warnings on the site, not all of the pictures are completely kid friendly.

I was debating putting some of the pictures from the site here, but instead I’ll give you the caption, and let you go to see the end result:

The world of high fashion translates from the runway into slick advertisements, impossibly good-looking men and women gazing from the page or billboard; secure in the knowledge that they are richer/thinner/have a better accent than you, and thus entitled to be flogging expensive watches,  monogrammed luggage or cars.

 So…. I was wondering just what, in the name of  any particular deity you care to call upon or blaspheme against, would this look be used to represent?

….. Visit the site. You won’t regret it, I promise you.

One additional tip if it’s the first time you’ve seen this site. Put down whatever drink you might be holding and push it out of arm’s reach. Your keyboard will thank you.


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One Response to “Website of the Week: What not to Crochet”

  1. crookedcrochet Says:

    I love that site too. I’m always terrified something i’ve made will one day end up on there!

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