Up and running!

I’m so excited to get this blog up and running finally. I love my logo dealie (see colorful stuff above).

What really amuses me is that the original version is a testament to both my lack of photoshop abilities, and my “mad skillz” in paint.

Yes you heard right, I made that very pretty ball of yarn with attendant hook and needles in the free program in windows.

I rock.

Nevertheless I am very grateful to my sister Heather Barcelo for making it look a good deal better than a paint program doodle.

So expect this week:

Tomorrow: Review of Wendy D. Johnson’s new book Socks from the Toe Up

Saturday: Website of the week

Sunday: The first pattern post (wooo!)

Hope you’ll be back come Monday!



One Response to “Up and running!”

  1. Pep Says:

    Congrats on blog! Looks great!

    Paint sucks – i am amazed that you could accomplish anything with it.

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